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2016 - 2017 Price List

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Celery Top Pine can be purchased from us off the saw (unseasoned) or seasoned to 12-14% mc or kiln dried to 10%mc.
Off the saw is our base product and most of our Celery Top Pine is sold Off the saw, due to its low shrinkage and price.
Off the saw sizes can be cut to the customers requirements but size and length are limited in dry or kiln-dried timber.

Lots of details on shrinkage rates, quality, and availability can be viewed below.

Prices for High feature grade Green Celery Top Pine, and select grade Green Blackwood & Silver
Acacia are listed below:

10% GST should be added to these prices...

Size Price per m Size Price per 1m Size Price per 1m
25x19 $2.50 25x38 $2.80 75x75 $12.00
50x19 $2.80 50x38 $4.00 100x75 $14.30
75x19 $3.50 75x38 $5.80 125x75 $16.60
100x19 $4.00 100x38 $7.00 150x75 $20.00
125x19 $4.90 125x38 $8.50 175x75 $27.30
150x19 $5.80 150x38 $11.00 200x75 $30.60
175x19 $6.70 175x38 $12.80 225x75 $40.00
200x19 $8.50 200x38 $14.50 250x75 $50.60
225x19 $11.00 225x38 $17.50 300x75 $60.80
250x19 $14.00 250x38 $25.00    
300x19 $17.80 300x38 $29.80 100x100 $19.00
        125x100 $22.20
50x25 $3.00 50x50 $5.00 150x100 $26.70
75x25 $4.00 75x50 $7.60 175x100 $31.00
100x25 $5.00 100x50 $12.80 200x100 $45.60
125x25 $6.20 125x50 $16.40 225x100 $57.60
150x25 $7.30 150x50 $17.30 250x100 $67.20
175x25 $8.90 175x50 $19.60 300x100 $82.20
200x25 $11.30 200x50 $23.20    
225x25 $12.90 225x50 $25.40 38x38 $4.00
250x25 $15.60 250x50 $28.80 125x125 $30.50
300x25 $22.00 300x50 $42.00 150x150 $48.20
        175x175 $62.60
        200x200 $77.90

Note; 30% extra cost on spans over 4.8m, 70% extra for dried to 14% mc. High Feature grade celery top pine is graded to F7 green and F8 dry.
Select grade Blackwood and Silver Acacia are graded to F14 green and F22 dry. Concealed surface timber cost is 20% less and is a high feature grade at an F5 green and F7 dry.
70% extra cost for select grade green celery top pine graded to F14
KILN DRIED TIMBER 30% EXTRA OVER DRIED PRICE (70% extra). Dressing 20% extra.                                       

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Web: www.celerytoppine.com.au

Email: southernforestfarm@gmail.com

Prices effective from July 1st 2013 however are subject to change without notice.

Delivery can be arranged and charged accordingly. Terms strictly C.O.D

Information on Using Celery Top Pine Timber for Doors, Windows, Decks and Weatherboards.

Celery Top Pine is a strong, durable, easy worked and attractive timber. It has a high density compared to other softwoods and in fact it has Australia’s highest strength group rating for native softwood. Refer to AS/NZS 2878. Celery Top Pine density is one of the highest in the world, and is comparable to Western Larch from Canada. Celery Top Pine density contributes to its strength and durability. Its strength group measured from 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) is SD 5, compared with Western Red Cedar which is SD 8. Also the durability rating from 10-1 (10 being  quthe lowest and 1 being the highest) is 1. Refer to AS 1604.

Quality: CELERY TOP PINE is a durable attractive timber and is excellent for boats, decks, weatherboards, windows and furniture. My experience with CELERY TOP PINE durability is that like all species of Tasmanian tree wood there is hard and soft grown, hard is markably more durable than fast grown soft trees. CELERY TOP PINE is a slow grown wood. (CSIRO studies found a 100mm diameter pole on Mt Moreson 800 years old)
Our product is mainly sourced from smaller, hard grown trees and I would rate above ground durability class 1 and in ground class 2. 

Shrinkage: Approximately 1.5% radial, 3.5% tangential. May undergo longitudinal shrinkage up to 0.3% if compression wood is present.

Depending on the customers’ requirements only three (3) appearance grades are suitable for doors and windows. They are clear grade, appearance grade and select grade. Clear grade being feature free and select grade having most features. Refer to AS 4785.2. Standard grade and utility grade are generally unsuitable.

Availability: Less that 1% of sawn mill timber in Tasmania is the endemic Celery Top Pine, so it is not used for mainstream timber door and/or window manufacturing. It is available from one (1) or two (2) specialist suppliers and manufacturers, who work closely with CELERY TOP PINE to produce a quality product at prices equivalent to other timber windows and doors. Generally it is difficult to source a consistent supply and quality of Celery Top Pine, especially in 50mm thickness. It is also worth noting that out of the less than 1% of sawn Celery Top Pine in Tasmania, only around 10% meets the three (3) appearance grades suitable for windows and doors.

Helpful Hints: If building Celery Top Pine windows, decks and weatherboards, there are a few general guidelines to build by:

Avoid 50mm and thicker cut timber. Due to Celery Top Pine’s high density, it dries very slowly and generally is misdiagnosed as dry in the 50mm thickness. If used, every piece should be moisture tested, and the reading needs to be taken from the centre of the thickness. The moisture content should be between 10% and 12%mc.

Use 22mm and 32mm finished sized timber thickness. These sizes are best suited to its density and are generally more stable. The three (3) appearance grades suitable for windows and doors have an F14 structural rating compared to Western Red Cedar which is F8 and will have no problem complying with the NATA wind ratings. Dowell and glue all end joints with D3 crosslink waterproof PVA. Because of its density Celery Top Pine does not end glue well although it glues satisfactory elsewhere.

When finishing avoid the use of sikens or inter grain type of finishes, although most of the timber will absorb these finishes. Some of the denser Celery Top Pine has a high oil content, and will peel after only a year or two of painting. These finishes are best suited to rough sawn Celery Top Pine. Use either a marine varnish or an oil with and orange-oil thinner. A good quality finishing oil is Aussie Clear.

When using CELERY TOP PINE green for decks and weatherboards there are some useful hints we can use to increase the end result quality.
For decking- Use a board no wider than 100mm. When drilling the ends of the boards make the hole 0.5mm bigger than the fastener. Keep the rough sawn side down and put them no more than 3 mm apart. Use the shorter lengths (no more than 3.6m long).

For Weatherboards-

Use a board no wider than 150mm-175mm.
It is an advantage but not essential to buy in the Spring-November and rack them on site, then put them up in the Autumn March.
When nailing it is essential to only nail one side, do not nail board to board, nail board to stud only.
Pre drill all nail holes. After fixing wait 3 months before painiting, if oiling 4-6 weeks.


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