Celery Top Pine decking
Micro Dwellings, Pickers Huts, and Furniture

Micro dwelling

Celery top decking ready to lay
Celery Top Pine decking ready to lay

Blackwood wall unit

Blackwood Wall Unit (Urban design)

Celery Top Pine Outdoor Setting

Celery Top Pine Outdoor Setting (Urban design)

Bush bed

Bush bed available in Celery Top Pine, Blackheart Sassafras
and Ash

Prefabricated chook shed
Internal of chicken coop
Prefabricated hay shed
Prefabricated hay or wood shed
Prefabricated garage
Prefabricated 9m x 7.5m garage
Celery top pine decking
Celery Top Pine decking off the saw
Large Blackwood Entertainment Cabinet
Large Blackwood Entertainment Cabinet (Urban Design)
Blackheart sassafrass table
Black heart sassafrass table


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