Celery Top Pine decking
Celery Top Pine, Cladding, Decking & Windows
Celery top pine deck

100 x 22 mm F7 concealed surface, treated with Aussie Clear

Celery Top Pine Decking

We have two products available.

Our most popular is an F7 concealed surface 100 x 22mm 3 rough sawn sides with a dressed face, and the face arrises rounded over 6mm board. The price of this product is $5.00 per lm.

Our other product is an F8 straightened 90 x 22 dressed edges and one faced dressed with two face arrises rounded over 3mm. The price of this product is $6.50 per lm.

Both products are appearance graded to the high feature grade level.

Celery Top Pine Weatherboards & Cladding

We have one product available in the Celery Top Pine weatherboard but can altered to the customers’ requirements.

The board is 175 x 18mm high feature grade F4 concealed surface with one arris bull nosed to 6mm. The cost of this product is $5.50 per lm.

We can also cut and finish to the customers' requirements.

Celery Top Pine Timber Windows

These Celery Top Pine timber windows can be made to size but at the moment we only have the awning style available.
Windows, winders, glass, and finish are all inclusive.
If you wish we can supply the bare timber window frames and jambs.
Our prices are approx. 20% more than aluminum windows and have a great energy rating..We can also make double glazed if required..

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